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Tiny Reminder isn't the lovechild of some venture backed group out of the Valley.
Tiny Reminder is an army of two, and we're just like you.

Nadine Bone
"Not many founders seem to be approachable these days, something that certainly isn't the case for Michael and Nathan."
Lorraine Robinson
"Nathan and Michael provide impeccable customer service and support!"
Trevor Sather
"Michael and Nathan are always available, friendly and helpful. A great team."

We're a mighty army of two, Building a business on our own terms. Just like you.

In this fly-by-night world of entrepreneurialism, I guess you could call us experienced founders…This means we make the same mistakes as before, just a little quicker.

Both of us come from an agency and/or startup background, just from different sides of the equation. Michael is a full-stack developer, while I'm a UI and UX designer. The rest we've had to learn as we go…This means we do things a little differently. I know, you've heard that a hundred times. So let's have a look at a few ways in which we think we're different.

Our experience with Nusii has taught us that for any bootrapped business to flourish one thing is needed, and that thing is knowing who your customer is. While some might say "Never scratch your own itch" or "Passion will only get you so far," we say pish-posh!

Dream it, build it, run with it.
Signature Nathan Powell Nathan Powell
Signature Michael Koper Michael Koper

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