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Late for a deadline because you're still waiting on content from your client? Don't get mad. Let Tiny Reminder play Bad Cop so you don't have to.

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How it works...

Getting content from your clients has never been so easy. In minutes you’ll be on your way to a stress-free project.

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Intro How it Works

Collect project content, without losing your cool

A few ways in which Tiny Reminder can help automate those repetitive tasks

  • Automagically onboard your podcast guests
  • Automate client email requests
  • Collect website content before the project starts
  • Collect files from designers
  • Gather code on time from your developer
  • Automated email reminders
  • Collect client testimonials after project sign off
  • Send todo lists for your clients to complete
  • Collect payment milestones
  • Gather bios and talk slides from conference speakers

Integrate tiny reminder into your business workflow

Automation is King, which is why we’ve gone all in with Zapier.
The possibilities to integrate with your favourite services are endless!

Zapier Integration Tiny Reminder
Integrate with over 750 of the most important online tools!

How customers are using zapier with tiny reminder

Rob uses Tiny Reminder to gather customer information before beginning a new project. By using Zapier as the middleman between ‘TR’ and Pipedrive, once their info is gathered they are transported to Pipedrive where their progress can be tracked from lead to sale. Nice!

Tinyreminder Integration to Pipedrive

Sarah uses ‘TR’ to grab customer testimonials at the end of each project. By Hooking up Zapier to Gmail, once the client’s testimonial has been collected, it’s then sent to Sarah’s dev who uploads it to her webiste. Sarah doesn’t have to do a thing!

Tinyreminder Integration to Gmail
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What our customers say...

Hau Ngo
"It's the app that's been missing from my workflow! I just set the task once, and it gently follows up with my clients until the job is done”.
Kai Davis
"No more manual follow-up and assistants. This is an intriguing tool to set-and-forget.".

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Let Tiny Reminder play Bad Cop, so you don't have to.

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