Asking your clients again and again, with no result?

Missing deadlines? Losing track of your requests? This simple tool will play "bad cop" for you with automated email notifications.

1. Build Your Form

What do you want to receive on time? Build a simple form reflecting your needs. You can add short and long text fields, files, and to-do's. You can include any external links there (like scheduling or payments).

2. Set Reminder Schedule

How often would you like to remind about your request? You can run reminders up to 30 days after the deadline with chosen frequency.

3. Add Recipients

You can add multiple recipients to a single form. Each person has an individual due date. As soon as you add an email to the recipient list, they will start getting automated reminders linking to your form. To stop reminders, just remove a recipient from the list.

4. Wait for Response

We'll keep sending friendly email reminders to your client until they submit a response. When they do, we'll stop the reminders and send you a notification.

5. Manage Everything in One Place

You can access all responses at once from the recipients list — no need to process them immediately.

Simple, Powerful Productivity Tool

Before the Project
Vet prospects and onboard new clients: request business information, payments, to-do's and files
During the Project
Collect content, files, bios, payments, feedback, or anything else from busy clients
After the Project
Get feedback, testimonials, and referrals after the project is completed
  "It's the app that's been missing from my workflow! I just set the task once, and it gently follows up with my clients until the job is done."
– Hau Ngo, SAP Business Intelligence Architect

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